We are proud to be on the same team as some of the best brands in the business.

We dare to say that our brands bring the experience of padel to the next level. With brands like StarVie, Dropshot, Sergio Tacchini, Royal Padel, Bidi Badu and Soundsuit, we provide quality products in all categories.


StarVie has been one of the leading brands in padel since 2002. With their own factory in Spain, they can customize and develop products instantly in top-quality.

Today they have partnerships with some of the top players in WPT, and players like Bea Gonzales, Javi Garrido and Coke Nieto all use StarVie when playing their matches.

Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini is one of the most original sports brands out there. Through partnerships with world class profiles and players, they have secured a place as a natural part of tennis as well as fashion.

Bidi Badu

Life is Bidi Badu!

Bidi Badu is a sports brand, but different. They are inspired by the way of life and a positive mindset. Which makes magic both on and off the court.

We are happy to bring the «Bidi Badu way of life» to you.

Royal Padel

Royal Padel is one of the most established brands of the sport, with over 30 years experience.

Over the years the Argentinian brand has been a part of setting a standard for racket design and they are now considered one of the key players in the development of padel.


Dropshot equals good quality. Their top-class products are used by some of the biggest stars of the sport, including Pablo Lima, Lucas Campagniolo, and former world no1 Juan Martin Diaz. We are very happy to bring dropshot to our markets and provide one of the best brands available.


Set up your music like a pro!

SoundSuit helps you to, in an easy way, turn the energy up in your establishment, all in an easy app. No matter if you have one or hundreds of establishments.

Quick to install, easy to handle and licensed for commercial use.